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Updating of inventories based on data received from the company ERP

  • Quantity Update
  • Change product visibility
  • Ad-hoc backend
  • Dedicated server - 99% uptime


Creating and updating products based on data provided by the company ERP

  • Product placement
  • Updating products
  • Automated creation of categories, tags, attributes (e.g. Size, Colour, Collection ... ) 
  • Image Gallery Management
  • Possibility of deleting products
  • Extensive data manipulation
  • Ad-hoc backend
  • Dedicated server - 99% uptime


Creating and updating orders on the basis of the data provided

  • Receiving orders from multiple marketplaces
  • Order entry
  • Customer destination creation on ERP
  • Division of customer codes by country, VAT classification and other customised nomenclatures
  • Entry/error notifications by E-mail and Telegram 
  • Ad-hoc backend
  • Dedicated server - 99% uptime

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Frequently Asked Questions

What information do you need?

We need your ERP access data, usually HOST URL, user and password. 
As far as the e-commerce platform is concerned, we use the REST API.

Is my management system compatible?

Contact us specifying which ERP system your company currently uses, and we will carry out a feasibility analysis free of charge.

It is usually possible to integrate all management systems, even older ones.

Does my ERP contain all the necessary fields for online sales?

If your management system does not provide all the fields for online sales, we may use other fields present due to the extensive data manipulation we can perform.

Our server is switched off during the night, how do I do that?

Thanks to the dedicated server, we will make a copy of your management system so that the data is always accessible to your e-commerce platform

How often can a synchronisation be carried out?

The various synchronisers can work at different time intervals. 
For example, for stock synchronisation, it can be done every 10 minutes, for orders every hour, and for products every 30 minutes. 

Depending on your business situation, we will propose the best solution. 

Can I update the images later?

Images can be changed each time the update is performed, or you can choose to leave them unchanged. 

Can I manage discounts from my ERP?

Yes, discounts can be set and scheduled

Can I choose which fields to synchronise?

Yes, it is possible to choose whether certain fields are to be read only the first time, e.g. for product creation, and leave them unchanged thereafter.

This allows for more control on the part of the online salesperson.