The covid-19 epidemiological emergency for some of our fellow citizens proved to be a test case for finding advanced solutions to counter the apparent limitations caused by the pandemic itself, using a valid digital tool. This is exactly what happened to a team of four 23-year-old boys from Andria, Carlo StringaroDomenico MirandaFelice Zingaro e Massimiliano Massaro who studied computer science, joined forces to complete a very 'special' project.

It is a new Appdesigned for menu management and for this named 'At the table' which works through a QR Code, automatically generated by the application upon registration. The QR Code can be printed and placed near the tables or the entrance so that the menu can be consulted through the application, which thanks to a scan or directly from a list of nearby establishments - very useful if you are outside waiting for your seat.

Specifically, the App, equipped with a GPS system, will show the activity to users in the area and then a QR code will be scanned to redirect the user directly to the restaurateur's page where the various allergens for each product will be indicated, among the different options, pointing out whether it is a vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and/or lactose-free dish.

"This application is very simple and intuitive, created precisely so as not to cause confusion for both the end user and the restaurateur when registering and uploading their menu," explains the team behind this innovative project. ours is meant to be a contribution for the restart after this quarantine, and we have therefore, seen fit to distribute it without monthly subscriptions and other costs, profiting from it in these difficult times. We want businesses such as bars, restaurants, pubs and many other activities to be able to reopen and safely return to taking their customers' orders. The App will most likely be released on 18 May' - conclude the four young Andriesi students - 'we have submitted the application for publication, now we await validation by Apple and Google'.

SOURCE: AndriaViva