A tavola and Prenoto are two apps created by AppBakery, a development team made up of four guys from Trani and Andria, with the aim of helping restaurateurs in the creation of a smart menu in the first case, and, in the second case, the various businesses such as hairdressers, wellness centres, lidos and restaurant activities to manage the various bookings directly from their smartphones.

"A tavola' was created with the intention of helping all restaurateurs who do not have a smart menu. "Given the ever-declining economic situation due to the pandemic,' the guys explained, 'we felt compelled to make a contribution to the community by creating a totally free App that would help the restaurateur to create a menu in line with current health regulations and at the same time protect the customer.
We have chosen to offer this service completely free of charge, succeeding in creating an App that allows restaurateurs themselves to enter their menus on this platform in a completely autonomous, simple and intuitive but at the same time effective and direct manner. The restaurateur will find in the main interface the possibility of registering and subsequently registering his or her offer in terms of the menu, also being able to insert in the various headings all those technical specifications (such as intolerances, specialities, allergens and much more) that are fundamental for health and food regulations.

We also consider this app to be functional from a logistical point of view, since, through the GPS system, it will automatically locate the restaurant activity that is in the user's vicinity and, at the same time, it is convenient since the user can evaluate all the offers provided by the various activities in the vicinity without crowding the activities".

In technical terms, through this app the restaurateur is also offered the possibility of generating a QR code, which by scanning, also present in the app, will lead the customer directly to the page of their business generated after registration.

"This project started almost a month ago, and realising this app in such a short time was not easy, but we at AppBakery are delighted and proud to be able to make a social and economic contribution to the community in our small way.".

'Prenoto', on the other hand, was created with the intention of providing businesses with a tool to manage bookings and appointments directly on their smartphone. Each business can register and enter its data, services (with duration and price) and working hours. The user can search for a specific activity or browse through the various categories of activities associated with them. Once the user has found the activity he or she wants, he or she can browse the various services offered by the activity, choose the one he or she needs, and book himself or herself into one of the available schedules automatically created according to the activity's specifications such as, for example, the number of maximum appointments at a certain time. For the business, there is a personal panel within the app, through which they can view the bookings and decide whether or not to accept them. Development team: Domenico Miranda, Carlo Stringaro, Massimiliano Massaro, Felice Zingaro.

SOURCE: TraniViva